Talking about what’s an E-Business, i never try to figure out its definition, even we are living around this digital business world, let alone know about the difference with E-Commerce. I am used to think they are the same and the school just change the qualification’s name for popularity. And after the first week’s class, ideas shared from the classmates and some digging into the websites etc., I found myself more clear about this question which I never care in my former job.

According to the slide from the class, E-Business is doing business electronically incorporating ICT to manage and improve internal & external processes in order to achieve business goals. E-business accounts for all business processes touched by ICT, while E-Commerce is restricted to online buying and selling activity. The picture as blow shows clearly the relationship with them.

E-Biz&E-CommI also find an interesting demonstration video from YouTube for your reference.

Another thing we should pay more attention to is the PROsumers. Nowadays, there are lots of consumers very professional to engage with this digital business, and they will lead lots of consumers as the followers. And the E-Business strategy, especially the E-Marketing team should built up and maintain the good relationship with these PROsumers. You may have some aspects to learn from them, up-levelling you skills in your business.

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 Disclaimer: This blog may use some pictures or quote some ideas from the internet or other places,  just for personal study. If there is something  involved  infringement, please contact with me so that I can remove it ASAP.


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